Animal Cruelty Free

About us

Earth spa cosmetics was discovered as a result of one of the hardest times on earth, facing every single living human being, year 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

Where everyone was forced to take care of themselves, at the safe space of their own homes.

Earth spa cosmetics were created with love and passion for the skin, body, health and environment.

100% vegan, organic, natural and animal cruelty free.

Made by people who care for beauty and nature, who wants to show you extraordinary effects of our products.

Filled with rich the purest natural ingredients from all over the world and resources such as powerful minerals, mountains, herbs, flowers, sea, seads or natural oils.

Earth Spa Products


Deep moisturising body butter is perfect for dry, flaky and irritating skin.


Our products contain cocoa butter which helps with many skin conditions.


Removes any dirt, make up, dead skin and deeply cleanses your skin.

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Our Ingredients

Kaolin Clay

Coconut Oil

Rose Petals


Tamanu Oil

Rhassoul Clay

Ginkgo Biloba

Cocoa Butter

Bentonite Clay

Vitamin E

Shea Butter

French Green Clay